Rose flower planting

Author: JOY  |  Category: flowers, garden, gardening, home, planting

At last, I started planting rose in a pot. I’ve been planning it for like nearly a month after my friend asked for few old branches to plant in her garden. But I couldn’t do it before because of so many extracurricular activities. I just kept on pruning my one and only rose flower plant without realizing to plant a new one from the cut branches before.

We will be moving soon to our new own house so I really need to plant and made them live before we moved. By the time, the roses will be ready in my new mansion haha just kidding. But seriously, I planted 10 pots today with different colour of roses. Most of them are from my neighbours. I took the chance of asking favour from them if I can cut some of their rose branches to plant in my pots. Luckily they were very nice and generous.

I got orange, yellow, pink, red, and dark red roses. I’m positive that they will live because I trust my green thumb. I’m so happy for what I did today. Now, I have something to look forward every day. I have something to watch for like watering and cultivating my newly planted flowers.