Guitar store

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I happened to pass by a guitar shop and I saw people playing guitars inside. It’s like they listen carefully to the sound of their guitars. Someone mentioned about frequency and other was saying something about rotosound 5 string bass from guitar center thing. I went inside out of curiosity and I was shocked with the prices of the high-end guitars. They have different kinsd with different range of prices too. I never knew it was really that much.

A Personal Note

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I have a few musician friends, and I know that they are good at playing their instruments. A couple of them are guitar players, and I am fascinated by how they put personal touches to their own instruments. Both of them have guitar decals from musicians friend on the body of their guitars. They just look so cool and you’ll be able to identify their instruments even at first glance.

Don’t forget to take your fish oil

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I used to take fish oil before and I stopped. I don’t know why but it gives a bad feeling. I felt like vomiting and it keeps me burping like I got air in my stomach every time. I know how beneficial fish oils are because of the Omega 3 and I really want the supplements but what can I do. I still keep buying but not for myself but for my kids and for my mother’s maintenance. The omega 3 health benefits are known for its effectiveness. Omega-3 can do wonders for your level of comfort and range of motion after two or three months of taking it according to some. Fish oil can help fight atherosclerosis and heart disease. Studies have shown that people with bipolar disorder, depression, and other mental disorders improve with taking fish oil. Omega-3 fish oil also softens your skin and may improve complexion. It can lowered triglycerides, improved insulin sensitivity, made arteries less rigid and you can manage your weight more easily. Research has shown that it can help women experiencing pregnancy, painful menstruation, and menopause, and ward off many potential ailments. Children with developmental and behavioural disorders can receive a big boost from fish oil. Research has shown that in children, omega-3 can improve focus, calmness, and social skills. Plus, it aids brain development in those crucial early stages.
That’s how amazing Omega 3 fish oil. I want to try again taking because I’m not getting younger. I just my stomach won’t resist it again.

Posponed Wedding

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My friend had to posponed their wedding due to unexpected and very sad happening in thier family life. They’ve been planning it for long time and everything was set. They bought their gold wedding bands already, the venue and the reception of the wedding is just waiting for them. I don’t know how it feels personally but for sure they were not happy. Some things happened for a reason and all we need is to accept it. When one door is closing, there will be another one to be open.

Cleaning up is tiring

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Oh jeez! I’m so tired after I cleaned up the whole house. From my kitchen to toilets and baths, vacuuming and mopping the floor, rearranging furniture‚Äôs and at last, washing rugs. Oh yeah baby I’m dead tired but I still need to pick up my high school. Indeed a superwoman is my title today. This is not my thing sometimes but it needs to be because if not, our house won’t look good and clean at all. Sometimes I get nearly tempted to hire a cleaner especially during lazy days. I’m tired from work and all I can see is untidy and dirty kitchen. No member in the house has the initiative to clean. Always needs to start is me! But I keep this words in my mind, I am the boss of the house, why hurry up when it can wait? I’m not getting paid to do it straight away. I have a point right?

Dinner Party

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Tonight we’ll be going to a dinner party of our family friend. Father and daughter are celebrating their birthday on this day. There’s a story why their birthday fall on the same day and it’s not mine to reveal hehe. Well, the point is I don’t have present for them yet. I felt lazy to go out and I was busy for 2 the consecutive days of work. I supposed to have work tonight for 4 hours but it’s worthless to go. I better blog. Now I’m thinking what to buy. Maybe a gift card for the dad and pandora beads for the 9year old daughter or any other accessories. She loves accessories. Party tonight, another party tomorrow night! What a fun weekend.

White motiff for our master’s bedroom

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I decided to have a white motif for our master’s bedroom and hubby agreed. I’m planning to buy a white dressing table if I find one that I like and match our bed, tallboy and bedside tables. I got white mirrored jewellery organizer and it really matched our room. I like the look of white. I find our room small specially the walk-in closet and toilet and bath. I want to make it look big and I think more mirrors can help. I still have a lot of plan for our room. I’ll just take it slow like our budget lol.

Awesome singer/performer

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I just watched the finale of the X-Factor Australia and I was really amazed with the finalist most especially to the grand winner Dami Im. She’s such an inspiration. She’s unbelievably developed well her talent of singing in the show. As an Asian, I’m so proud of her and as music lover, I’m now a fan. Well done Dami Im! I think she’s the first Asian who won X-Factor if I’m not mistaken. I was wondering if she played modern player telecaster in one of her performances. Did she? I think I missed it. I just saw her played the piano. I’ll just dig some of her performances that I haven’t watch in YouTube.

Home Styling

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I’ve been reading modern home magazine lately and I love the tips and information I found on this magazine. I will apply it surely to our new house.

Here are the top three home styling tips I just read:

1. Work out your decorating style. Once you know what your decorating style is, it makes it so much easier to choose furniture, art and decorative pieces that you will really love, and love for a long time to come.

2. Choosing the right lighting is very important in styling a room. Using lamp such as floor lamps and table lamps is lovable as they give off a beautiful soft light unlike harsh overhead lighting. They are also a great way to introduce a colour or style within your room.

3. Decide whether you want your piece of art to be the focal point in your interior or not. If you have too many focal points in a room it can cause a disjointed and overwhelming feeling. Art can either be the starting point in interior or it can add to the style you’re developing with multiple items working together.

Something about apricot

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Apricot is a yummy fruit. I start to like it recently when I tasted an organic one. My friend used to make delicious jam out of it. But tonight I found out apricot kernels here are useful too. It has been found to have one of the highest levels, in addition to containing B15 and enzymes. It’s interesting to know this health benefits and apricot seeds. But I don’t think I will like the bitter taste of a raw apricot kernel.