Now they are playing guitar

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I didn’t realize that after quitting the guitar lessons, my kids will still love playing it. After few years had gone, they’re showing interest again. And I’m impress because they’re quite good and creative compare last time that they’re having lessons. If they’ll practice more, they’ll be very good. I heard one of them play again in gutar center place which we used to pass by and at home every morning using their own classic guitar.

Backyard Gardening and Landscaping

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It’s as simple as what I can afford to do but I’m happy with the outcome. Got a little help from family members but I did most of the hardwork. It’s not as hard  as you can see. I simply put garden edge by burrying them slighly to the ground as well as the retaining wall. I bought garden soil and soil potting mix for the garden bed  to improve the quality of the soil. After that, I transferred some of my potted succulents plants, bought some new flowering plants too especially for Spring season. So far, almost everything goes well with my newly planted plants. Pictures shown above were jus the beginning of my project. There are changes now but haven’t got time to take photos yet. I’ve added a lot of plants most especially roses which was given by another gardener friend. The rest part of my backyard is covered with weedmats to avoid weeds and bad grass growing because we got another plan for it.  That simplicity of my garden costs us slightly a fortune  but it was not  pain in the ass. Happy gardening folks!

Cool Instrument

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Cool instrument like cool Bass is not bad to own. I’m sure my boys will have fun playing and practicing to it. I starts to hear my second child playing his guitar again. He still remembers the chords that he learned before in his guitar lessons. We supposed to have 2 guitars but my eldest swap it with keyboard to his bestfriend and classmate before in grade 6. Oh well that’s fine, at least they’re playing two instruments at the moment.

Auto Parts

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It’s been 3 weeks since my car was admitted to accident repairs. I wonder when it’s going to be finish. Well, kawasaki parts online reminded that my car was still there and I’m still using a small courtesy car for my daily private use. Being into car accident is not an easy thing to cope. Post traumatic depression is not easy to deal with and all those mild pains here and there is so bothersome. I’m lucky I’m still alive and functioning but I’m not feeling totally well. So help me God.

Dreaming to have a Colourful and Bright Garden

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Pause for a moment and imagine having the rainbow growing in your garden, from soft, golden yellows to rich, dark purples and everything in between. Well, I must stop dreaming and I have to start planting and making my dream garden for real. How upsetting that until I haven’t done any improvement in my backyard yet. It’s hard to do it alone. I felt like I’m not getting any support  for it. I’m feeling so useless in this case really. No one is interested for garden improvement, only me. Goodluck to me.

Guitar store

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I happened to pass by a guitar shop and I saw people playing guitars inside. It’s like they listen carefully to the sound of their guitars. Someone mentioned about frequency and other was saying something about rotosound 5 string bass from guitar center thing. I went inside out of curiosity and I was shocked with the prices of the high-end guitars. They have different kinsd with different range of prices too. I never knew it was really that much.

A Personal Note

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I have a few musician friends, and I know that they are good at playing their instruments. A couple of them are guitar players, and I am fascinated by how they put personal touches to their own instruments. Both of them have guitar decals from musicians friend on the body of their guitars. They just look so cool and you’ll be able to identify their instruments even at first glance.

Don’t forget to take your fish oil

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I used to take fish oil before and I stopped. I don’t know why but it gives a bad feeling. I felt like vomiting and it keeps me burping like I got air in my stomach every time. I know how beneficial fish oils are because of the Omega 3 and I really want the supplements but what can I do. I still keep buying but not for myself but for my kids and for my mother’s maintenance. The omega 3 health benefits are known for its effectiveness. Omega-3 can do wonders for your level of comfort and range of motion after two or three months of taking it according to some. Fish oil can help fight atherosclerosis and heart disease. Studies have shown that people with bipolar disorder, depression, and other mental disorders improve with taking fish oil. Omega-3 fish oil also softens your skin and may improve complexion. It can lowered triglycerides, improved insulin sensitivity, made arteries less rigid and you can manage your weight more easily. Research has shown that it can help women experiencing pregnancy, painful menstruation, and menopause, and ward off many potential ailments. Children with developmental and behavioural disorders can receive a big boost from fish oil. Research has shown that in children, omega-3 can improve focus, calmness, and social skills. Plus, it aids brain development in those crucial early stages.
That’s how amazing Omega 3 fish oil. I want to try again taking because I’m not getting younger. I just my stomach won’t resist it again.

Posponed Wedding

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My friend had to posponed their wedding due to unexpected and very sad happening in thier family life. They’ve been planning it for long time and everything was set. They bought their gold wedding bands already, the venue and the reception of the wedding is just waiting for them. I don’t know how it feels personally but for sure they were not happy. Some things happened for a reason and all we need is to accept it. When one door is closing, there will be another one to be open.

Cleaning up is tiring

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Oh jeez! I’m so tired after I cleaned up the whole house. From my kitchen to toilets and baths, vacuuming and mopping the floor, rearranging furniture’s and at last, washing rugs. Oh yeah baby I’m dead tired but I still need to pick up my high school. Indeed a superwoman is my title today. This is not my thing sometimes but it needs to be because if not, our house won’t look good and clean at all. Sometimes I get nearly tempted to hire a cleaner especially during lazy days. I’m tired from work and all I can see is untidy and dirty kitchen. No member in the house has the initiative to clean. Always needs to start is me! But I keep this words in my mind, I am the boss of the house, why hurry up when it can wait? I’m not getting paid to do it straight away. I have a point right?