Instrument likes

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I had an argument with my middle son about musical indtruments. He likes to have a grand piano the other day and then he wants drums today. Maybe tomorrow he will ask for chauvet at or a flute. Jeez sometimes this kid is so difficult! He can’t focus on one thing. He is musically talented I know but he has to understand that is limited. We can only afford a recorder! ( LOL)

Musically left handed

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Why do some people said left handers does better? If you’re left handed you can punch harder because you got strong left fist just. Just like our boxing champ Manny Pacquiao. You have better handwriting if you write using your left hand. What about in music? I mean musical instruments? Is it maybe that’s why they created left handed guitars, left handed violin etc for the left handers because they play better? Oh that’s nonsense, do you reckon? People is created with different abilities and talents. It’s not because of which side of hand they’re using. I am left handed and I have good handwriting too but I just can’t play better in guitars even if it’s left handed guitar. What more violin? Absolutely not my thing.

Winter Gardening

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Winter gardening is not a fun thing to do. Digging soil on a cold and really freezing days? Jeez! I just can’t last but it’s still depends on my moody self. It’s actually frustrating to look at your garden untamed. You can’t expect beautiful flowers on cold season. All you see are weeds, wet grounds, and bald trees around. It’s depressing thing if we dwell on it. It’s not winter yet though we’re experiencing worst cold days already. But, this week is such a good week. Sunny and slightly cold. Since Saturday it was already bright and we’re trying to do things to make the most of the beautiful weather. We’re re-landscaping in our front yard. Just simple but need strong hands. I’m just glad and lucky that my husband is off from work for a week. It’s going to be bright and alive before winter come. I just hope my simple plan will work. I’m quite positive about it. With regards of my backyard garden, I’m still confuse. I just can’t think of what new I can add into it to make it look alive when winter come. I need to think of more great ideas or should I say gather tips from any good souce.

Outdoor Fun

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Do you love outdoor adventure? Yes I do and if given a chance I want an intense outdoor adventure like mountain climbing and rock climbing. But since I am a family woman with young kids, we prefer to do camping, snowboarding and skiing during winter season. Kids loved it. When it comes to outdoor gears, we’re of course complete. There are great selection here if you want anything about outdoor like fishing, winter sports and even dog gear. My favorite of all outdoor fun is outdoor photography. I’ll never forget my camera and lenses when we talk about outdoor fun. I made sure my tripod is never misplaced. I love taking pictures of nature. Outdoor is really fun and we don’t missed a year without doing outdoor activities not just once or twice or thrice but actually a lot. It’s also our way of bonding with family and friends.
Recently we bought camping tent that can accommodate eight people and it was perfect for us as family of five. We need bigger sleeping bags now because my boys are growing faster and they don’t fit anymore in their old sleeping bags.
It is cool and good a to have outdoor gears because they’re very useful anytime.

Music Studio

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Since my kids are musically inclined, I’ve been thinking of putting up a music studio. A music studio that will inspire them to sing and play musical instruments during their free time. A great corner also to bond with them musically. There must be a great seaker and speaker cable in its corner. It must have a clear adjustible microphones as well. It can be also a recording studio. Yeah I’ve been thinking to have that for them for quiet a while already. We will collect different kinds of instruments like drums, cymbals, piano etc! How exciting is that? I hope I can start it asap.

Promise me

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I wonder if couples promise rings are the same with engagement rings. But they look different especially the designs. But the meaning as what I’ve seen on the website are kinda similar. You can even personalize it like engraving the couples name on it. They’re really nice and it’s not that expensive. Promise rings are cute actually but the term promise doesn’t sound convincing to me because some promises are made to be broken. What will happen to the ring then if the promise has been made but broken? Oh well, pardon the silliness of my question, it’s just a kind of ring that you can wear whenever you want.

In My Garden

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My garden has new look or let’s say new plants in bloom. They’re so pretty and I’m really happy. I got roses and lilies that are bearing healthy flowers. My strawberries are growing healthy and nearly bearing fruits. I’m so excited about it. I also got sunflowers starting to grow. I wish snails will not destroy them as they’re my number one enemy that eats my plants. I already got pink hydrangea which I just transferred from pot to the ground.

Musical Instrument Stores

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You’re into musical intruments? Well, No matter where you are in the world, you can find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. You can buy now with the help of your computer, gadgets and internet.
Most site appears in English, but all prices will display in your local currency. As you shop, they’ll only show you items that ship to your country. The best musical instruments store I knew is the online store.

Beautiful Monday

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It’s a perfect day to do gardening but what a Monday did to us? Laziness and sickness? Not a good one to start the week. Hubby is experiencing a bad hayfever attack. As in even the strongest dosage of anti-histamine is no effect on him and he has to stay home and rest in bed when needed.
Myself is not in the mood to work in our backyard because it’s windy though it’s sunny. I already pulled the weeds last Friday and sprayed weed killers. I have to wait for 2 weeks before I can see the result. I just wish we can totally finished my plan for our backyard and sideyard. I’ve been productive anyway in some ways today.

Adolescent stage

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I’ve been dealing with two boys in the house in their adolescent stage, in short teenagers. I must say, it’s not complicated because I handle them the best way I can especially with their mood swings. I do have my monthly mood swings so they’re aware when is the bad timing to mess up with me.

One important thing I taught them is the proper grooming. To take care of their body to avoid bad body odour especially underarm odour because that’s really unacceptable to me. They started using deodorant like crystal salts deodorant because I find it more safe but they’re complaining its texture roughness. I might let them try the deodorant – petal pushers for a change because it has 100% natural living enzymes. Sounds healthy right?